CLIENT: Archipelago Access

The video series was made for Forum Marinum Maritime Center’s new exhibition “40 000+”. Short films tell about people living in the archipelago and how nature and the sea are present in their every-day-life.

Website for the exhibition

CLIENT: Korpi ForRest

Korpi FoRest develops virtual forest break solutions for better recovery. The main idea for the brand video was to show the contrast between the office environment and a calm forest. 


The video was made to promote my camera services for Japanese businesses and tourists. 


The videos were made to boost the client’s Japanese webshop traffic on Facebook and Instagram. The style of the main video mimicked Japanese TV commercials with recognizable character, fast zooms, and quick pace. The second video showed some of the reactions of people eating crickets for the first time.

CLIENT: Eventure Oy

The video presented some of the main activities the client’s company is providing in the Nuuksio national park. The autumnal video included beautiful nature, a calm atmosphere and a joyous group of people. 

CLIENT: Sakura Tours AB

The videos are a sneak peek from the package tours held in Finland. The material was gathered from longer travel videos that were shot as a souvenir for all the participants. The first tour was held in the summer and the second in autumn.


A shorter versions of the wedding films. For more information about different wedding film plans, please contact me here.